I hope you enjoyed what you heard on this website. If you want to contact me (my name is Matthew), I can be reached at contactsongforthesoul@gmail.com .

If you would like to find or visit a church close by you, numerous Anabaptist or conservative Mennonite churches are listed at pilgrimministry.org/congregations/map and at churchindex.org . There is probably one not too far from you.

What do conservative Mennonites believe? (The word “conservative”, with a small C, does not refer to politics, since Anabaptists do not get involved in politics; “conservative” means they hold the traditional Anabaptist beliefs.) You can read a Mennonite statement of faith here anabaptistresources.org/en/resources/details/181/1921-garden-city-confession-of-faith .

Before visiting a Mennonite or Anabaptist church, you might have questions about what to expect. You can find some FAQs and tips at newhamburgmennonite.church .

The music will sound similar to this song (“Lift Your Glad Voices”), since everyone may join in the singing.

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