Do you want to learn more about the Christian faith?

We are offering booklets called The First Step and Steppingstones to God that can guide you to understand the love of God and what he wants you to enjoy in your heart and life. The booklets were designed to be a correspondence course, where we send it to you, and you can reply with your completed booklet (and any questions you have), and ask for more booklets to continue the study. If you live in Ontario, contact us to ask for this booklet. (If you do not live in Ontario, you can contact the publisher.)

Below are brief descriptions of the two courses Ontarians can get from us:

The First Step: This correspondence course from the Gospel of John answers these questions:
Was Christ really from God?
Is He divine?
Can He save man from his sins?
This course is for those who wish to learn more of Christ and His mission on earth even if they have little or no Bible knowledge. A copy of the Gospel of John is included with this course. 5 books (including the Gospel of John).

Steppingstones to God: Begins with a foundational knowledge of God, the Bible, and the fall of man. Presents the remedy for sin and the basic steps to salvation. Students are led on to assurance, victory, growth, and obedience. Concludes with a Biblical view of the church. 4 books.

Lamp and Light Publishers, from New Mexico, offers you and your friends free Bible studies on various subjects. (These courses are not recommended for preteens.) Those who would like to see what other correspondence courses Lamp and Light offers can visit a third-party website here: https://www.anabaptists.org/places/lnl.html . (Their group of Mennonites does not encourage much use of the Internet, so another individual has a page on his website for them.)

If you live outside Ontario, you will need to request The First Step and Steppingstones to God from them as well, since I mail only within Ontario. If you live within Ontario, you may contact me at contactsongforthesoul@gmail.com . Either way, the correspondence course is free.

Also offering: Comfort even in the coronavirus pandemic
Source: The character of God
Delivery: By God’s own words
Location: In the Bible, at Exodus 34:4-9 and John 14:1-6
Price: Free
Restrictions: Available to all who believe
Guarantee: Will not be revoked because of the COVID-19 virus or any other danger; you can keep it for life!

Okay, I hope that made you smile. We do want you to have peace in your heart now, and a hope for life after death in heaven. Jesus loved us so much that he died for us, and he offers us life if we repent of our sins and commit our lives to Him. Knowing Jesus personally does not guarantee that one will never get sick, but it gives a calm in ones heart that enables one to face either life or death, whatever comes. Being at peace with God and with oneself is better than all the emergency supplies you can collect (though we don’t deny their place).
Do you want to learn more about this? Send us a message to ask for the booklet (if you live in Ontario)! It’s free, just like the smile!