Sung by Lebanon County Youth Chorus, from

Download MP3. (A verse of “Gracious Father” precedes “Eternal Father” on the audio file.) Sheet music for “Eternal Father, When to Thee” is available as a PDF.

1 Eternal Father, when to Thee,
Beyond all worlds, by faith I soar,
Before Thy boundless majesty
I stand in silence, and adore.

2 But, Saviour, Thou art by my side;
Thy voice I hear, Thy face I see:
Thou art my Friend, my daily Guide;
God over all, yet God with me.

3 And Thou, great Spirit, in my heart
Dost make Thy temple day by day:
The Holy Ghost of God Thou art,
Yet dwellest in this house of clay.

4 Blest Trinity, in whom alone
All things created move or rest,
High in the heav’ns Thou hast Thy throne;
Thou hast Thy throne within my breast.

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