Eternal Father, When to Thee

A verse of “Gracious Father” precedes “Eternal Father” on the audio file.

Sheet music for “Eternal Father, When to Thee” is available as a PDF.

1 Eternal Father, when to Thee,
Beyond all worlds, by faith I soar,
Before Thy boundless majesty
I stand in silence, and adore.

2 But, Saviour, Thou art by my side;
Thy voice I hear, Thy face I see:
Thou art my Friend, my daily Guide;
God over all, yet God with me.

3 And Thou, great Spirit, in my heart
Dost make Thy temple day by day:
The Holy Ghost of God Thou art,
Yet dwellest in this house of clay.

4 Blest Trinity, in whom alone
All things created move or rest,
High in the heav’ns Thou hast Thy throne;
Thou hast Thy throne within my breast.

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