Sung by Lebanon County Youth Chorus, from

Download MP3. Sheet music for “Hail, Holy Light” is available as a PDF.

1. Hail, holy light! The world rejoices
As morning breaks and shadows fly;
All nature blends her myriad voices
To greet the Dayspring from on high.

2. Break forth, in glory far excelling,
O Light eternal, Love divine!
Let Thy bright beams, all shades dispelling,
Around us and within us shine.

3. The heav’nly hosts fall down before Thee,
And “Holy!” cry, nor ever rest;
The saints on earth, with them, adore Thee,
Creator, Savior, Spirit blest.

4. Accept, O Father, we entreat Thee,
The worship which Thy children bring;
O, grant us grace in Heav’n to greet Thee,
And with all saints Thy love to sing.

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