Sung by Lebanon County Youth Chorus, from

Download MP3. Sheet music for “The Lord Is King” is available as a PDF.

1 The Lord is King! lift up thy voice,
O earth, and all ye heavens, rejoice;
from world to world the joy shall ring,
“The Lord omnipotent is King!”

2 The Lord is King! who then shall dare
resist His will, distrust His care,
or murmur at His wise decrees,
or doubt His royal promises?

3 The Lord is King! Child of the dust,
the Judge of all the earth is just;
holy and true are all His ways:
let ev’ry creature speak His praise.

4 One Lord, one empire, all secures;
He reigns, and life and death are yours;
through earth and heav’n one song shall ring,
“The Lord omnipotent is King!”

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